GST Calculator - New Zealand (NZ)

GST is a 15% tax added to the price of most goods and services in New Zealand, including most imported goods and some imported services.

Since Goods and Services Tax was introduced, thousands of Kiwis have to calculate the amount of GST to add to the price of goods or services or calculate how much GST is included in the price to claim tax credits for any GST included in the price of goods, services or anything else acquired for use in carrying on the business.

NZ GST Calculator:


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How to use GST Calculator NZ?

When you enter the number into "Amount" field you can see both outputs on the same page:

  • the amount of GST to add to the price and GST inclusive price, AND
  • how much GST is included in the price and GST exclusive price.

You can change GST percentage when/if GST changes or if you want to calculate GST for other countries. For example, Australian GST (10%) or Malaysian GST (6%).

GST Calculations

How to calculate GST in New Zealand? When adding 15% to the price is relatively easy (just multiply the amount by 1.15), reverse GST calculations are quite tricky:

  • To figure out how much GST was included in the price multiply the GST-inclusive price by 3 then divide by 23 ($230*3/23=$30);
  • To work out the price without GST you have to divide the amount by 1.15 ($230/1.15=$200)

Avoid most common mistake when using percentages:
$200 + 15% = $230, however $230 - 15% is NOT equal $200, actually it's $195.5!

Sometimes numbers are not so pretty, so why do all this manual work when you can enter the amount into this NZ GST Calculator and get all the calculations at once! Enjoy!